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We are excited to announce the launch or our new company, Beyond Function LLC.

Beyond Function, LLC is an occupational therapy clinic that strives to help children reach their full potential. We are small and welcoming, holistic and hopeful. We serve children from birth to 18 in the Kansas City area. We accept most insurance programs including Kansas Medicaid. The owner, Sheryl LeVota, has been serving patients and families in Kansas City since 2002.

“I remember searching for help for my child as we navigated life with our unique needs. I longed for a place where I felt I was listened to and respected as a parent, instead of being seen as a patient or chart number. I wanted support in a small, welcoming and hopeful place.” ~Sheryl LeVota, Owner of Beyond Function

 Our Mission Statement is to:

  • Every family has a unique story and journey, and we will take the time to listen.
  • Every child has a critically important reason for being on this Earth, and we will point out their potential.

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