COVID-19 Update

Dear friends of Beyond Function! 

You are all heroes in my book, for the creative ways you have continued to help your children succeed, despite the limitations this pandemic has created.  They say whenever a door closes a window opens or something to that effect!  I would say a window literally opened for us, thanks to the telehealth option most of our previous clinic families have taken advantage of these past couple of months. First, I want to thank all of you for welcoming us into your homes and schools through your computer screens, phones, iPads and the like. It has truly been therapeutic to see your faces and hear your voices.  Some families have asked about plans for re-opening the clinic space. We want you to know there is a plan coming together and we will do EVERYTHING to make sure the plan puts all of our health and safety FIRST! We are envisioning a slow phasing-in, with all precautions provided, on a date still to be announced. Even as this is being written, there are more guidelines and precautions coming from our community leaders, and we will be sure and keep you in the loop regarding our unique plan.  As always, be sure to check with your private insurance payer if you are using insurance, to make sure your therapies will continue to be covered.  Especially any teletherapy services, as the insurance companies are always updating members about their plans. We will do our best to keep up too, but your help is needed, as we are in so many networks! We will continue to provide teletherapy to those families who wish to keep going virtually. We are also accepting new patients for tele-health. We will keep making it fun, updating progress and goals, and continue to help your child “Thrive Now!”

Sherry LeVota