thrive now feeding program


Our feeding therapy service, Thrive Now, was developed by Sheryl LeVota over the last two decades. With this program, we work with children whose pediatricians are worried about their health due to “picky” eating, along with those with more critical feeding problems. These have included individuals needing alternate supplementation like a naso-gastric tube (a tube inserted through the nose and into the stomach) or a G-tube (a tube surgically placed in the stomach where formula is pumped in).

Our team can offer the support and strategies you need to help your child eat safely and happily. For every family, we provide a customized plan. A board certified dietician can lend expertise to your child’s feeding therapy program and offer assurance your child is getting the nutrients needed to grow, while following their Thrive Now program.

Our program utilizes a fun and interactive “play picnic” setting for children to develop a non-threatening and positive relationship with food that will sustain them for a lifetime.