W sitting position

“w” Sitting Position

There have been a lot of posts lately about the consequences of “W-sitting” in children. We know floor play is very important, but how our children sit on the floor is a concern when it comes to posture and skeletal formation during periods of growth. Before we try to remedy this, I think it is important to look at what the child is trying to do/learn, and why they are sitting like this during the floor activity. The benefit they perceive: balance is easier, lateral reach is further, and most importantly they feel stable in this position. When children sense stability with their position, they are more focused, language is easier, and their fine motor control is better. Observe your child after you have asked them to “fix the legs” or change their position if they are W-sitting. Observe their behavior, interest in the activity they are doing and expressive language after the position change. Although I agree W-sitting is not great, we also need to do other things to help kids feel more stable in sitting, such as core strengthening activities. If you are very concerned, consider having your child use a small table and chair that fits their body, where feet can be placed easily on the floor, especially if the activity is helpful for improving language or fine motor skills.

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