Our personalized approach means we can build a customized intervention to best benefit each child and his or her family.

What to Expect:

Beyond Function offers a number of occupational therapy services. Occupational Therapy uses exercises, activities, strategies, and accommodations to help children develop the skills they need to become more independent.

Pediatric occupational therapy supports children to strengthen their skills in order to participate in functional day to day activities, or “occupations.” This includes anything from getting dressed, potty training, and playing! OT strengthens confidence, self-efficacy, and social participation with each child.

At Beyond Function, LLC, we embrace that each child is their own wonderful self! Our therapists work with each child and their caregivers to develop a customized intervention that fits the particular need.

During the initial assessment, your therapist will identify areas of strength and areas of weakness. From here we create a custom intervention program of activities for your child. These address issues such as strength, focus, coordination, sensory reactions, and organization.

Occupational therapy can also help for children with learning, attention, and sensory processing development. Some children with sensory issues overreact to outside stimulation and become overwhelmed and hyperactive. Others are hypoactive and seek out sensory stimulation.  At Beyond Function, LLC, all of out therapists carry a “tool-box” of exercises and resources to cater to the needs of each individual

Below is a sampling of some of our services: